Monday, July 31, 2006

For whatever its worth (7)

After serving the nation for 22 years as Prime Minister as well as President of his party, suddenly Tun Dr Mahathir who was once revered as the nations outstanding hero and leader has lost all the accolades. The once popular and respected leader is totally an outcast today especially among leaders of the party he once lead.

They dont even see him fit to officiate a divisions AGM.

Fine, the party Supreme Council decided that only Umno Ministers and council members be allowed to perform such a task, but then isn’t Umno a party that practices open democracy. Why cant divisions decide whomsoever they feel befitting and appropriate to officiate their AGM. After all this year is not an election year for Umno.

And mind you isn’t Tun after all the former party President? The once Malay hero, the once savior of Umno and the Malay race etc etc. Or have they forgotten or was all those songs of praises of Hidup Mahathir, Kami Bersama Mu, all pretentious and artificial? (Dollah is receiving plenty of the same today)

I feel sorry for Umno (correct me if I am wrong) as I believe never in the history of political parties in Malaysia (including Umno itself) be they from the government or opposition, that a former party president (who is still member of that party) be barred from officiating a division or branch AGM.

This sudden change would surely not augur well for the party and its current President whose standing by itself is slowly being questioned by the party ranks at all levels.

Already we are hearing that Umno Padang Besar who was cautioned for wanting to invite Tun to officiate their AGM is now contemplating to invite Tun to a closed door ceramah instead.

If this development persists, the future would surely be bleak for the once strong and mighty party of the Malay race.

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