Monday, July 24, 2006

For whatever its worth (1)

I have a passion for writing. I do not know where it came from, surely not in the blood.

As far as I can remember the first article that I wrote which appeared in a local weekly Malay tabloid was back in 1976 or 77. I was then either in form 1 or 2. There was this politician from a small opposition party who was very critical of (the late) Ahmad Boestamam. And I wrote to the tabloid in defense of Pak Boes. My letter appeared in the tabloid and soon it sparked a frenzy debate on the issue.

A 1976 BNM coin

Of course no one except my family knew that the writer RMS (the pen name that I used then) was just a 13 year old kid!

Later I was involved in producing newsletters in school and in ITM (UITM now). In ITM, together with a group of friends we produced the first student journal for the School of Administration and Law.

I penned poems, short stories and articles of all sorts. But all in all it was politics that affectionately captured my heart.

It was only in 1998 that I began writing as a guest writer. And it all started through Harakah English Section with recommendation coming from Pak Shukor Harun, the Malay Section Editor and encouragement from Brother Koya the English Section Editor then.

It went on and on and now this BLOG.

This BLOG was actually not my initiative. It came from a young friend who knew my passion and insisted that I jumped into the bandwagon (of bloggers and cyber writers) to further my interest, for the benefit of others, that was what he said and I thank him for his effort and may Allah always be with him (and bless him with a wife soon).

Through this BLOG I hope to convey my ideas and thoughts on issues close to my heart. Some may agree and some may not, but all are free to hop in and pen down their comments.

This is the first part of my English section, which I will try to produce as often as I can. May FOR WHATEVER ITS WORTH be of worth to you all at all times.

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