Friday, July 28, 2006

For whatever its worth (5)

Hi Kuala Lumpur! Its me Condy.

What a break after having to crisscross the war torn Middle East, and meeting up with helpless and hopeless Arab leaders, my trusted ally in Jerusalem, KL is heaven.

Oh yeah and besides having to chat with the also feeble OIC Chairman and some confused and beleaguered ASEAN leaders, being in KL is a joy so lets party.

It matters not if hundreds have died in Lebanon and Palestine; they are after all supporters of terrorists (even though the dead are mostly civilian and children). They should know better than to mess with our little brother Israel. It matters not that thousand are left homeless as a result of Israels constant bombardment after all its high time that the Israelis test their fire power that we have equipped them with all this while.

So what if the Palestinians are crying foul, who cares if the Lebanese are begging for mercy, as long as the New Middle East will eventually be carved out after this.

And yeah I shudder and cry for the few Israeli civilian and army who died as a result of Hizbollahs shelling and the Hamas resistance in Gaza. What animals are the Arab terrorists! Please remind me to enhance the Israelis military might when I get back to the states. Perhaps American forces and those of our friends from UK could assist the Israelis in exterminating these unruly Arabs!

Whatever it is I am now in KL, where the night life ends only at 5am. So listen up, I plan to show you local leaders what it takes to be the Secretary of State of the most powerful nation on earth. Listen up while I seduce you people with my talent. I will play something that is in accordance to my serious mood.

You people know nothing of the Middle East conflict. Limit your diplomacy up to the never ending Myanmar issue and other petty trade matters, leave the Middle East to me, I am after all the decider of your fate. Let the music play (while kodomo lion dances to the tune).

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