Thursday, July 27, 2006

For whatever its worth (4)

The battle rages on in the Middle East. I hate to say it but most probably we would see a repeat of had happened in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Afghanistan the Taliban government was wiped out likewise in Iraq, Saddam the dictator was ousted and now faces American styled trial in Baghdad.

Since the downfall of the Soviet Block and the Iron Curtain the US and its allies are the sole superpower of the world, no one country or any other powers has since been able to defeat them.

Although their end result is not as impressive as their strength and might but no one is willing to stand up and complain. Despite toppling the Taliban, Afghanistan today remains unstable with large scale guerilla war being inflicted by the Taliban against the US supported Afghan government. And Iraq today sadly is in shambles with constant bombings and suicide killings happening almost every couple of hours.

And today the Americans are talking about building a NEW MIDDLE EAST. I dread to imagine the end result.

However deep down inside I pray to Allah that the Palestinians and the Lebanese be protected, only divine intervention at this moment could save them from the atrocities and madness of the Zionist regime.

But nevertheless nothing is impossible in the eyes of Allah. We dont have to go far to seek an example. I doubt many Malaysians are in the know except perhaps some history lovers and experts and those who read of course.

The Malay Sultanate of Selangor was once blessed by Allah with strength to defeat the then superpower of the world, the Dutch in Kuala Selangor.

According to history in 1784 the Dutch Commander Van Braam with his military might, attacked and captured the royal capital of Kuala Selangor defeating the Sultan Ibrahim who together with his men and subjects fled into the deep jungles of Selangor (which has since been felt and cleared by the current loyal MB Khir Toyo).

The Dutch occupied the fort Kota Tanjung Keramat on top of Bukit Melawati. They rebuilt and strengthened it according to European architecture and standard and later renamed both forts Fort Altingsberg and Fort Utrecht (the name of Van Braams battleship).

Back then no one could imagine that the locals could muster enough strength to overpower the Dutch who were equipped with superior weapons and trained men. But then at the same time Allahs capabilities supercedes that of any beings and in this the locals faithfully trusted.

In January 1785 with the help of Pahang and warriors from Permatang, Sultan Ibrahim lead a night raid against the Dutch and managed to kick them out, a tremendous victory and achievement indeed, the first and only one of its kind whereby a local power managed to defeat a foreign superpower.

May our brothers in Palestine and Lebanon be given the same if not far better strength by Allah to confront and defeat the arrogant and evil forces of the Zionist regime which is under the patronage of the Americans.

For those who are indeed concerned a peaceful assembly and demonstration organaised by various NGOs and political parties will be held tomorrow soon after Friday prayers at Kg Baru mosque in KL. Let us show our solidarity and undivided support to our brothers and sisters who are suffering in Palestine and Lebanon. See you there isnyallah.

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