Saturday, July 29, 2006

For whatever its worth (6)

Kalimullah is Khairy Jamaluddins business partner. So it is only obvious that NST of which Kali is the Deputy Chairman, grants Khairy who happens to be the PMs son in law a half page weekly column to pen out his thoughts and ideas in his quest to reach the very top of Umnos political echelon (cronyism in motion they say).

I read with interest Khairys column Out of Cage in todays NST. What fascinates me most in his open letter to Condy Rice is the part when he touches on HAMASs victory in Palestine.

Khairy wrote:

The extent of your hypocrisy is sickening. You claim to want to support the spread of democracy in the Middle East. But when election results throw up leaders whom you find unacceptable, you punish the very people you have supposedly liberated with elections.

How true and most accurate is the young mans observation.

Nevertheless if he has the guts to expose Condys hypocrisy, he should be also be willing to stomach the same sickening hypocrisy that is being practiced here in Malaysia under his father in laws stewardship.

Kelantan which part of the Federation has been punished since they voted in PAS during the 1990 general elections, till this day. Surely Khairy knows what is brewing in the Malay majority state.

The state government of Kelantan is practically boycotted by the central government. Recently its MB has to beg through the press for the central government to consider allowing its state subsidiaries to participate in development programs planned under the 9MP. Mind you the MB has not much say since he has been excluded in the MBs and CMs conference with the PM simply because his party is not a member of the BN.

If that is not sickening than what is?

In Kelantan funds from the central government are not channeled direct to the state but instead through a department controlled by KL. This department will then decide, more often than not after consulting local Umno leaders, where the funds would go.

Khairys father in law champions democracy on the international front by once heading NAM and now the OIC, yet here on the home front he has no room for dissent and wouldn’t mind punishing the people of Kelantan for excercising their democratic rights!

Khairy ended his open letter to Condy by writing:

Repent now and atone for your sins. For if you do not by the grace of God you will get what you deserve, in this life or the next.

My advice: dont just remind Condy remind your dad in law as well brother!

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