Wednesday, September 27, 2006

For whatever its worth (24)

Dead docs family not eligible for compensation.

I know for certain that I would not be the only one who jumped upon reading this particular disturbing news in the papers today. A young doctor aged 24 was killed when she was accompanying a patient in an ambulance from Seremban Hospital to the Selayang Hospital. On the expressway, the vehicle burst a tyre and landed into a ditch.

The late doctor went into a coma and died two weeks later.

Today the family is told that they are not eligible for compensation from the government as the late doctor has yet to be confirmed to her post. Imagine having lost an illustrious daughter, in such an unfortunate incident, during working hours, now they are told that they would not be compensated in any way for the loss.

I am sure the family from Sabak Bernam or the husband for that matter who happens to be an army engineer would not insist on being compensated but morally I feel that the government is obligated to set aside such archaic regulation and humanely come out with a reasonable form of compensation as a token of appreciation as the doctor died during the course of duty.

She may not have been confirmed as yet but it is not often that we hear doctors being killed in the course of duty such as this tragic one; therefore surely we can shower her family with gratitude and kind, after all we are all part and parcel of a caring society.

Meanwhile it was reported that the Malaysian Medical Association MMA gave a RM10,000 cheque to her clerk father, 50 yesterday.

Lets hear what the Health Ministry and the government have to say on this matter or have they decided to close the case as such?

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