Monday, September 18, 2006

For whatever its worth (23)

Pak Lah is adamant that he is in control in Malaysia. Today he is meeting the President of The United States. To him this would be the best opportunity for him to proof to the world that he is indeed a capable leader (more capable than Mahathir).

One cant help but to wonder what transpires in the Oval Office when the two leaders meet.

I got an SMS (a fictitious one I suppose) from a CIA agent who managed to pick up their conversations. Perhaps it would be of interest to us all. Of course the critical ones have to be dropped for security reasons.

As both leaders sat down at the posh Oval Office, Bush made the first move by asking Pak Lah:

So how is Malaysia today?

Without much hesitation Pak Lah replied:

That website is a pain in the ***. But I thought they were being funded by your people in the CIA, are you still funding them?

Bush frowned not knowing what the hell the PM was talking about, but when on to ask the next question:

I am afraid I have not much time, as other leaders are waiting outside. Do you require any aid from us Mr Prime Minister?

Pak Lah smiled and confidently replied:

AIDS in Malaysia is under control Mr President, we got rid of Mahathirs daughter as its head, now it OK. Please dont give us any more AIDS Mr President, please.

Bush scratched his head, not wanting to embarrass the PM he moved on:

Southern Thailand is becoming very volatile a threat to peace and stability in your region. Im sure you are told of the incident in Haadyai.

Pak Lah happily replied:

Oh yes Haadyai is a lovely place, heaven to some. They have lots of entertainment there. Massage parlours and .......

Immediately Bush cut him off and angrily shouted:

I meant the bomb incident there Mr Prime Minister!

Pak Lah softly replied:

It was not my son. Nuclear centrifuge they say was supplied by my son. No he is not into making bombs Mr President not him nor his company nor his associates.

Bush was so frustrated, and he asked:

Have you got a hearing problem Mr Prime Minister

Dollah nodded and said:

I am waiting for the hearing

Bush retorted:

What hearing?

Dollah replied instantly:

The one where Anwar is suing Mahathir for defamation.

With his patience almost gone Bush asked:

Are you really in control Mr Prime Minsiter?

Hesitantly Pak lah replied:

Yes I am with my son and son in law, we are all in control, which you dont have to worry Mr President.

To which Bush shouted:

Next leader please!

Dollah stood up and shake the Presdients hand:

Thank you so much for your time.

Later outside the Oval Office, TV3, Bernama, NST and all their spin doctors crowded around Dollah for a brief press conference.

A reporter questioned:

How did the meeting go Pak Lah?

Pak Lah looked him in the eyes and said:

Suatu perjumpaan yang sangat penting dan bermakna.

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