Saturday, September 09, 2006

For whatever its worth (20)

The results are out. Tun Dr Mahathir lost in his bid to become a delegate from Kubang Pasu division attending the Umno General Assembly scheduled for November this year.

Tun only managed to secure 9th placing with 227 votes. His son Mukhriz however won with 289 votes.

Imagine just a few years back he was the MP, the PM and yet today the party that he once led sees him unfit to represent them as a party delegate. According to another source, his other son Mokhzani also managed to become a delegate for the Merbok division.

Tuns worry of an intensive effort to block him indeed became a reality. Last night it was reported that the division head who was once Tuns political secretary invited all the party delegates to a secret meeting in Darul Aman Golf Club in Jitra. There the former Kedah MB Osman Arof and another former aide, Saad Man, each attacked and belittled Tun, cautioning those present that Tuns victory would spell a major disaster for Umno.

By this time Dollah Badawi who is in Helsinki must be celebrating and congratulating his gurkhas who had indeed done a good job in terminating Tun for good (at least that is what he thinks).

I do not know what Tuns reaction would be, but I am made to understand that he has already mapped out his plan and the battle for him has just begun!

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