Thursday, September 14, 2006

For whatever its worth (22)

THE STAR has got a page dedicated to those who want to put their views across through SMS. I have to admit that I never overlook this column as I find them representing perhaps the true sentiments of those on the ground.

Today one of the topics that amused me was under the heading:

Say NO to Mat Rempits

The first message reads:

Mat Rempit r lawbreakers, useless group. Wasting fuel n endangering road users. Is this called talent? I think monkeys have more talent than them.

Another message reads:

I wonder how our PM can create first world mentality when there are those who support Mat Rempits.

At least the Putera Umno head who attempts to champion the cause of these unruly youths now gets truthful signal from those on the ground. Yes Mat Rempits are simply law breakers, pathetic fools who amuse themselves by displaying dangerous and immoral behavior and acts without any care towards others.

The police have been constantly on their back but then suddenly here comes an Umno Youth leader who in his hunger for support and popularity suddenly embraces this group of hooligans with the so called intention to pacify and tame them.

The SMS messages above are loud and clear, but Azeez the Putera head thinks otherwise. Already a local Malay Daily has exposed and deplored the shortcomings of Azeezs plan, but Azeez don’t seem to give a damn.

By the strength of the first SMS above, if monkeys have indeed more talent than the Mat Rempits, where does this put Azeez?

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