Thursday, August 03, 2006

For whatever its worth (9)

I am confused.

Just sometime ago we were told that the Federal Government has no choice but to scrap the RM1.113 billion CROOKED BRIDGE project along the Straits of Johor. This was done despite the fact that the first part of the project, the building of the new CIQ Complex, amounting to RM1.266 billion has almost been completed.

So one mega project off the drawing board.

Suddenly today we are told that the Cabinet has instead approved the building of a second bridge connecting instead the mainland to Penang Island expected to cost RM2.8 billion.

And the Cabinet not only announced the approval of the project but also announced the main contrctor that was awarded the project, i.e the UEM Group.

I am confused because I find some of the above facts quite conflicting and challengeable that I need a shot of THE TARIK to drown my confusion and suspicion but then a TEH TARIK is now a killer drink (could cause stroke they say) and dont taste as good as they were those days possibly due to cost saving measures that has robbed it of its originality.

So I have no choice but to share with you my confusion and miseries.

FIRSTLY: If the cost of the new Penang Bridge is RM2.8 billion, cant that amount build two new CROOKED BRIDGES that cost RM1.113 billion a piece?

SECONDLY: So its a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) project and so UEM is the concession holder of the present Penang bridge, but how come others were not invited to quote or provide their proposals? Or has it already been conducted? If it has then what were the other offers like? Was UEMs the best?

I hope none of what I have written above would render me guilty of any new BLOGGING CRIME which I dont know of. Nevertheless the confusion just would not go off; perhaps I have to take that TEH TARIK after all.

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