Friday, August 04, 2006

For whatever its worth (10)

I was dismayed to learn that the former Fatah Minister of Foreign Affairs Kadoumi was present yesterday representing the Palestinian State.

For the record the Palestinian State is now represented by the HAMAS party that resoundingly defeated the corrupted Fatah in the last elections. That was the choice of the Palestinian people much to the anger of the Zionist regime of Israel.

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Here we were in Putrajaya discussing the fate of the Palestinian people, yet the Palestinian interest was instead represented by the opposition, the ones that they rejected in the last elections. Why were the HAMAS government not invited? Have they boycotted the OIC or the Malaysian host?

Infact THE STAR yesterday reported Kadoumi as the Foreign Minister of Palestine.

How can we want to champion the Palestinian cause, if we could not or refuse to accept and recognize the legitimate government in Palestine?

Many feel that Israels current onslaught and atrocity was largely attributed to the HAMAS victory in Palestine. They refused to accept the decision of the Palestinian people, they immediately imposed economic blockade and sanctions against Palestine soon after the elections. The kidnap of their lone soldier was actually license to them to eliminate HAMAS once and for all.

And here we are drooling to court publicity, not realizing that we too have fallen into the Zionist trap by demonizing HAMAS.

So what have you got to say Syed Hamid?

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