Thursday, August 17, 2006

For whatever its worth (17)

He is supposed to be the Menteri Besar of the one and only DEVELOPED STATE in Malaysia. The state who he claims will be inhibited by god fearing men (insan rabbani) of excellent conduct and behaviour.

But look at him today.

Of late he is being bombarded by criticism of gross mismanagement, lack of transparency and shoddy rulings.

Khir Toyo could no longer live up to the rhetorics of his Selangor Maju state.

Today in THE STAR (Khir kept in the dark) he is reported to have said that he has no knowledge of some agreements supposedly signed by his senior officers on behalf of the state.

How can the Chief Executive of the most developed state in Malaysia has no knowledge of what is and had happened in his own backyard? He is supposed to possess the best government machinery in the country (at least that is what he claims) and yet he pleads ignorant when scandals such as this emerges.

For the record Transparency International (TI) Malaysia through its President Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam has called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the alleged BILLBOARD scandal in Selangor (THE SUN alleged that the state government had awarded exclusive outdoor advertising rights to one company for 15 years) while the Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia wants the PM to intervene.

According to Navaratnam: It appears that there is strong evidence of lack of transparency which raises concern.

Khir should be squirming in hot soup with this exposure but when questioned by reporters he simply brushed it off by saying:

I want to know what happened from the people concerned (before making any decision).

I believe if fiasco such as this were to happen in any developed state, the first head to roll would be that of the man at the helm, but Khir Toyo seems to be taking it lightly.

Confidently he told THE SUN:

We have to see who the culprit is because at the EXCO (meeting) it was stated clearly. When I chair a meeting, I remember (what was discussed) even after a year. That’s why I am very confident when I say something.

Yeah you can say what you like but one thing for certain the Selangor voters are ready to punish the biggest culprit of all, and they are too are confident where they can find him!

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