Tuesday, August 15, 2006

For whatever its worth (16)

Suddenly the son in law of the Prime Minister becomes such an important figure, a star, at times even overshadowing the PM himself.

Everywhere we go we seem to bump into him whether we like or not. Khairy does this, Khairy does that, Khairy buys this, Khairy sells that, you see it on TV we read it in the papers, never as far as I can remember any son in laws of former PMs being accorded such limelight as what Khairy is currently getting.

The former PM Tun Dr Mahathir is partly to be blamed for giving Khairy such publicity. But Tuns intention was to expose the sleek maneuvering of this young lad, the exploitation of his position as the PMs son in law, to enrich himself and gain political footing.

He was said to use his position to influence the government, to climb up the corporate ladder, even faster than Superman could.

I believe if not because of Tuns exposure we wouldnt be hearing Khairy and friends suddenly disposing of their stake in the mega firm even at a loss. Even the disposal got wide publicity with one MB supposedly sympathizing with the young brat by saying there are many parties who are envious of Khairys qualities and position.

In Kota Bharu a few weeks back Tun alleged that Khairy ranks as a traitor (pengkhianat) to the country by selling out the country to the Singaporean.

And today we hear that Khairy reluctantly has disposed all of his shares in ECM. Tuns spontaneous comments were recorded in the NST:

Oh yes, that is good. First, they have to sell, then they should leave the fourth floor and go away somewhere and Pak Lah has got to build the bridge. If he does that, I dont have any more comments.

OK Khairy may have taken the first step, but will he bother to move to the next? And will his father in law at this rate agree to proceed with the bridge project? I doubt so.

Meanwhile the cheap publicity is expected go on, the boy wonder will surely capitalize whatever resources made available to him, defend himself, defend his father in law and signal his ever willing merry men to proceed in singing many praises to his father in law and possibly himself lest they be delisted from whatever position they are holding.

Cemerlang, gemilang, temberang.

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