Friday, August 11, 2006

For whatever its worth (15)

The Lion of Jelutong had maimed and devoured plenty of victims that crossed his line. During his younger days he encountered many ferocious battles that brought him scar and fame and instilled fear in the hearts and mind of many.

Chased out of the dewan he experienced many a times, suspended, humiliated you name it he had it all.

And today the famed lion though wheelchair bound still growls in the aisles of the Dewan Rakyat and still send shivers to those who crosses his path be it the donkey from Kinabatangan or the skunk from Sri Gading as well as the hyena from Jerai

But alas, yesterday the lion diverted from his usual diet. Instead of going after his usual foolish and big headed victims, yesterday the Lion of Jelutong chosed to pounce on an easy prey. Some feels that the famed lion had stooped too low for hitting and jumping on a retired tiger that has lost his fangs and once sharp set of claws.

If the old and harmless tiger wants to expose the truth let him, why make the cunning fox and his merry animals in Putrajaya happy by helping them to hurt and kill the tiger. Or dont tell us the fox had fed the mighty lion and promised him glory and luxury provided he kills the tiger?!

Remember a few months back the disrespectful donkey from Kinabatangan humiliated you by belittling your fate (sudah hampir mati) in the dewan, well the fox and his merry animals had fun that day in case you don tknow.

Well anyway no one can stop you in case you now crave the fangless and toothless kind. You are after all the master of your fate as Henley puts it in Invictus, but many may feel that your soul is no longer unconquerable now that you have lost your senses by entertaining the enemy and attacking those who now chooses to be friends.

Shame on you.

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