Monday, August 21, 2006

For whatever its worth [18]

Its amusing to notice that of late conflicting accounts and statements seems like a common norm in Umno. This chaotic phenomenon surfaced since Dr Mahathir fired his volleys of attacks against the party leadership which undoubtedly sent the party leaders scurrying for cover.

Yesterday for instance the front page cover of THE SUNDAY STAR carried the news of the party deputy president confidently saying that Umno is currently in an unshakable position. Najib added;

He said Umno was not just a party but a political institution which could foster the unity of the Malays and Islam, and serve as the backbone of the Government.

Alas Umno is unscathed, and is not at all affected by Dr Mahathirs barrage of attacks towards it.

But then the same paper also reports that the Umno Youth number two men as saying that Umno members are backstabbing their party leaders. He was quoted as saying;

By offering information to the opposition, it is like we are offering bullets a believe nd guns for them to shoot us, he said, adding that the opposition often referred to Umno members who made attacking speeches against their own leaders.

Which is which now, is the party gaining strength or are they slowly rotting away. It is obvious that the number two man do not speak the same language as the number two youth leader, as both of them could not even agree on the partys current fate.

If this trend persists, I believe the future looks extremely bleak for the party.

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