Thursday, November 02, 2006

For whatever its worth (28)

Can you believe it?

NST revealed to day that KING Zakaria Md Deros besides being ADUN, MPK Councillor, also chairs the PKNS Land Committee (Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Tanah Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor).

According to NST Zakaria is the Selangor Badminton Association President (coincidentally the Sultan is its patron). On June 3rd 2004 the SBA applied for a piece of land (4 hectares) in Section 7 Phase 3B Shah Alam to house its new headquarters which is now situated in Kg Attap, KL.

SBA plans to build a complex that not only houses its HQ but also a badminton academy and facilities.

On 1st July 2004 (hardly 30 days!) the PKNS Land Committee approved the application but instead of 4 hectares it was slashed down to 2.8 hectares.

But that’s not the issue. To me the most pertinent issue here is Zakaria’s powerful status as Chairman of the Land Committee. Perhaps with his flamboyant lifestyle the Anti Corruption Agency should move in to review approvals by the committee since Zakaria started heading it. Or do we need the DAP or PKR or PAS to lodge a report first before things can get started? I have a suspicious mind (quoting Tun Dr Mahathir) that perhaps Zakaria is also the chairman of ACA, because numerous complaints of late have been lodged to them regarding Zakaria but nothing concrete has yet to take place ?!!

I wouldnt be surprised that generous approvals have been given by the Land Committee to many groups and individuals within the ruling party, as Zakaria admittedly is known for his generosity!

I came to learn that even the MB (who is PKNS chairman, was awarded a piece of land by the PKNS somewhere in Bangi when he first came to power), I wonder if Zakaria is already the Chairman then?

In short this fiasco has indeed tarnished the states image and should we dig deeper into it I am sure we would find more skeletons that would not only bring Zakaria down, but many more like him in the state. But then hey who cares, don’t they realize that the MB has worked hard to transform the Selangor into a Developed State? What else does the rakyat want?

Meanwhile NST reports that Zakaria is seeking antoher term as SBA President, Malaysia Boleh! Zakaria Boleh!

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