Friday, July 23, 2004

Getting to know Nik Aziz

The Star whilst reporting the news on Nik Aziz's unfortunate heart attack mentioned:

"It is learnt shortly after waking up at about 4am, Nik Aziz called his wife and some of his children to his side. Already unwell and complaining of chest pains, he told them he wanted to cancel a planned umrah trip with some family members and aides on Aug 1. He asked them to donate money (to be used for the trip) to the poor. He then performed his tahajud prayers (obligatory prayers before the mandatory subuh prayers) and then his subuh prayers before his family accompanied him to the Perdana Specialist Medical Centre here in an ambulance."

Not many knows that though an obligatory prayer but Nik Aziz is a person that is known amongst those close to him, as not to have left his tahajud prayers unless really unwell. This is a feat not many Muslims are able to carry even in good health.

Nik Aziz is also known to be most charitable even before he was MB. Therefore its not suprising to read that his family fund meant for their umrah trip was instead asked by him to be donated to the poor.

Under normal circumstances one in pain would definetly insist that he or she be rushed to the nearest hospital, but as reported by The Star, Nik Aziz took time to perform the Tahajud and then the Subuh prayers before requesting that he be sent to the hospital, again another feat beyond that of a normal person.

Hence it is of no surprise that Muslims from many corners are presently praying for his health and wellness, an exemplary leader, a practising and God fearing Muslim not many could be compared with during our time.

Nik Aziz out of danger (as at 12.38pm)
News Update by The Star Newsdesk
KOTA BARU: Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat who survived a massive heart attack Thursday, was reported to be out of danger after an angioplasty procedure.
He underwent angioplasty at the Kubang Kerian hospital at about 3am Friday.

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