Saturday, December 30, 2006

For whatever its worth (30)

Early this morning I caught CNNs breaking news on the impending execution of former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussien. According to CNN the US backed Iraqi government is scheduled to send Saddam to the gallows anytime between 10 to 11am (Msian time) today.

Saddam shall die by the rope today, I am sure those in the White House and their buddies in the UK and the rest of the world shall leap in joy once that happens, Santa has finally granted their wishes!

To hell with weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that Saddam was allegedly to have stock piled. That allegation was as a matter of fact the green light that got the US and their allies to bombard and invade Iraq, killing thousands along their way and ending up capturing Saddam and his cronies but never finding the WMD that they first allege.

Of course Saddam was involved in heinous and horrendous crimes during his time, but were these the crimes that made the American invade Iraq in the first place? Let the Iraqis settle Saddams fate, (which have been decided anyway with the help of the Americans) but who would be brave enough to do the same to the Americans?

Professor Richard Overy of Kings College London, a leading authority on Nuremburg Trial and International Law accurately describe the way the international legal system works. He writes: International law works only against weaker states. Big powers have an unmerited, but unassailable, [self-induced] immunity.

The Americans came into Afghanistan on the pretext of waging war against terror, but look at Afghanistan today, it is worse off compared to the time of the Taliban. Then they invaded Iraq to disarms the WMD and to restore democracy in Iraq, look at Iraq today, hundreds are killed every month under US supervision.

Perhaps its high time that the American public pressure the withdrawal of their troops from Iraq now that Saddam is to die at any time. Already there are 2,974 US military deaths in Iraq (exceeding 2,973 deaths as a result of 9/11) and I am sure the number shall grow tremendously after this execution as there bound to be those who would rise up to seek revenge.

At the time Muslims in the Holy Land offer their sacrifice, Saddam is duly slaughtered by the Americans.

Meanwhile I wonder when the US will seriously interfere and send Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic to the gallows like Saddam, or are they given immunity because they are non Arabs (and the kill only Muslims)? I wonder when the Americans would invade North Korea that boast of having nuclear weapons with long range capabilities, arrest Kim Jong Il and possibly send him to the gallows too, but of course Kim too has no Arab blood!

Happy New Year, and may Allah forgive Saddam for his wrongdoings.

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