Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Pornography is a hadhari as well

So says infamous author Salman Rushdie. He was reported to be saying this whilst announcing his forthcoming essay entitled “XXX:30 PORN STAR”. According to the report Salman implied that pornography is common in Islamic society as a result of the segregation of sexes in Muslim culture. He went on saying that pornography becomes a standard-bearer for freedom and even civilization.

Again Salman deliberately seeks to ridicule Islam and paints a horrendous image of it at a time when Islam is being severely battered throughout the world post September 11. Surely being a “western acclaimed star” Salman’s blasphemous works shall attain world-wide publicity at the delight of westerners and perhaps “moderate Muslims” who fits into Salman’s shoes.

May Allah save us from such prevailing “fitnah” and their hideous proponents. There won’t be an easy way out of this web of lies and destruction unless we stick and return to the true path of Islam.

Those who follow misguided beliefs and ideologies that contradict the laws of Allaah (Swt) and those who believe in their false causes, these are the ones who call others to Hell: "Those [unbelievers] do [but] beckon you to the Fire.." (2:221)

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