Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Marina's amusing musings

MARINA'S AMUSING MUSINGS. Marina Mahathir in her weekly column in The Star wrote:

"What sort of country instils patriotism in its people? One that treats each and every citizen with respect, no matter how different they may be. One that doesnt let anyone be left behind beacuse of social and financial standing, gender, race, religion or ability. One that listens to its people and takes heed of what it hears, even when it's not pleasant."

How very true are your words my dear. But sad to say during the tenure of the former PM who Im sure Marina knows well, those who choosed to be different then were penalised and arbitrarily jailed. Let us not forget the brave judges who stood up to their principle, they were dismissed and ridiculed in public simply because they had a different opinion.

The DPM then (Anwar Ibrahim) attempted to be different by going hard against corruption, nepotism and cronyism and looked what became of him! Many more were detained under the draconian ISA merely because of their political thinking.

The people in Kelantan chosed an opposition government, as a result they were delibrately left behind in terms of development.

And today unfortunately the present PM who was surely well trained by his predecessor continues the same attributes, can patriotism therefore be easily instilled and live amongst us?

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