Thursday, October 07, 2004

In defence


I cannot deny that I am a follower of Jeff Ooi's blog SCREENSHOTS though I seldom subscribe to his ideas and that of his ardent followers. Recently the blogger was heavily criticised and attacked for a posting deemed degrading Islam Hadhari by certain Umno quarters. The draconian ISA was even thrown in to threaten the poor blogger.

However as rationality prevailed, people soon realized that the posting was beyond the bloggers control. Blame straight away shifted from Jeff to an unknown ANWAR (not DSAI) who posted the statement.

In his comments today Jeff thanked those who came in his defense. Among the many on his list includes - PAS Youth Chief Salahudin Ayub and PAS Deputy Information Chief Husam Musa. I find this slightly amusing, as the blogger through his many posting had never had at any time good things to say of PAS and their leaders.

I reproduce some glaring examples:

While scientists are trying to figure out some answers, bizarre opinions have come from a most strangest place: the Dewan Ulama PAS Pusat (Central PAS Ulama Council).
In an undated statement published on PAS official website, titled:
Takziah, penduduk Florida dilanda taufan, the Council offers its sympathies to the hurricane victims in Florida. It, however, says the weather phenomena are due to acts of "cruelty and vice" (kezaliman and maksiat) practiced by the people there

As a result of the above his ardent followers rushed in with blatanly unfair comments such as:

Only brainless people would make statements like what PAS did. Like my fellow bloggers said, by the same analogy, the bird flu was caused by PAS' 'kezaliman and maksiat'. Over to you PAS, how about that?Posted by: cfw at October 3, 2004 12:53 AM

For sure, by PAS' interpretations, definitely the Bird Flu in Kelantan is due to PAS' 'kezaliman and maksiat'.
What about Kelantan being the poorest state in Malaysia? PAS blames UMNO! Guess indirectly, PAS is saying that UMNO is PAS' Allah! Or is it also because of PAS' 'kezaliman dan maksiat'? Or something else?Posted by:
Freddy Toh at October 2, 2004 12:06 PM

Husam himself was not spared:

The paper quoted a party sources as saying that Husam was unhappy with the way a timber concession in Kelantan was awarded to a senior party worker.
"Husam felt that the concession should not be given to anyone without adhering to the proper procedures, even though the person is a PAS leader," the source said.
However, it proved to be a short-lived sandiwara as, according to the paper, Kelantan PAS leaders have rejected the resignation, and Husam has obliged and withrew it.
What will PAS' party elders - Dewan Ulama included - say about this, particularly the timber concession?
Posted by jeffooi at October 2, 2004 09:57 AM

Despite the blog being a non PAS sympathiser yet PAS leaders galantly came forward in defence of Jeff Ooi, in defence of freedom of speech, in defence of human rights.

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