Tuesday, October 03, 2006

For whatever its worth (25)

It was around 930pm last night, as I was driving down from the Subang Jaya Mosque after my Tarawih prayers, I passed through SS17. Approaching the Subang Jaya police station I noticed there were lots of cars thronging Jaya Square (right next to the station).

Cars were parked indiscriminately on both sides of the road, thus slowing down traffic.

Perhaps there is a big dinner or Makan Besar being hosted inside the building, Im not sure maybe they are there to celebrate the Moon Cake festival or whatever. Jaya Square is a majestic building which houses some Chinese and Indian restaurant, besides a pub, karaoke joint (there are even slot machines being operated inside) and other entertainment facilities (including with sexy GRO services). I was told the premise belongs to Danny Tan, the younger brother of Malaysian gambling tycoon Vincent Tan.

Well back to the incident. As I was squeezing my way through, I noticed a Perdana ahead of me was slowing down, looking for an empty parking spot. His action brought misery to those behind him and with cars parked haphazardly around us, it became haywire when suddenly a big Merc approached from the other side of the road.

The Perdana suddenly swerved into the police station. As I passed the station I noticed the Chinese man on the wheels was not only driving but also busy on his handphone. Imagine driving with his handphone into a police station, pass the guard house, hey this guy must be some big shot!

And as I moved ahead, I just cant believe my eyes, the policeman on sentry duty, who is supposed to mind the gates of the station was also happily talking on his handphone without giving much notice to the car that just whizzed pass him.

I drove off with disgust. The moral of the story here: everything around us is crumbling. We may read in the papers that authorities are dead serious in wanting to clamp down almost everything notorious under the sun, wanting to enhance discipline, tackle corruption, but in reality, its easier said than done.

If an idiot on a phone can freely drive into a police station whilst the police sentry on duty is equally busy, engrossed on his own phone, tell me what future have we got ahead of us?

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