Friday, September 03, 2004

Time to nail the culprit

Time to nail the culprit

One man stands dumbfound upon seeing Anwars miraculous freedom yesterday. Reason being he initiated the charge against Anwar, he took the effort to proclaim to the public, to vilify and ridicule Anwar so that Anwar is seen as guilty long before being charged and tried in an open court. So forceful was he in wanting to exterminate Anwar that the steam of his anger even blinded his IGP then who later retaliated by beating up Anwar who was handcuffed and blindfolded while in detention in Bukit Aman merely to please the boss.

That person is none other than Mahathir Mohamed, the former PM. He gave a grossed statement when asked of his opinion regarding Anwars release:

I am still convinced that I did the right thing. What I assumed he did, I believed he did and as we can see even judges have different opinions.

I have every right to dismiss anybody on mere suspicion.

Ironically the crowd at Putraya Palace of Justice yesterday upon learning of the verdict shouted:

Tangkap Mahathir tangkap!


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