Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Dont let rivalry split UMNO?

UMNO veteran Tok Mat was reported as saying that alingning oneself into faction during the ongoing UMNO branch and divisional elections will only lead to unhealthy split in the party.

UMNO is currently going through their own party election of office bearers after their recent overwhelming victory in the general elections.The actual fight is here, where UMNO leaders and aspirants would normally slog, brutalize and murder each other for prestigious party positions.

The late Dato Taha was murdered in cold blood in Gemenceh during UMNO election season and so was Dato Mazlan in Raub, murdered when he was brewing "black magic" powers to cling onto power in the party.

Well that is UMNO where the end would at all times justify the means. At the end of the day its power and authority. Gone are the days of Malay rights and Malay supremacy.

Ironically in 1988 UMNO elections, Pak Lah alligned himself with Ku Li then in the Team B camp, to overthrow Dr. M. Pak Lah, Radzi, Rais, Shahril Samad, Zainal Abdin Zin, Tengku Azlan and Kadir were all alligned to Ku Li. And today they are the ones in power, from PM, Secretary General, Ministers etc. Those days they were rebels out to overthrow a dictator and today they are the dictators waiting to pounce on anyone planning to touch them.

A split within UMNO is likely to be inevitable. Najib and Hishamuddin (with blood ties) are certainly attempting to keep Pak Lah and Radzi's faction at bay.M eanwile the manner of branch elections being conducted are being questioned and dissatisfaction amongst branch members are mounting.

To UMNO leaders.........may the force be with you!

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